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St-Albert in the spotlight

Tales of a united community

Discover St-Albert on the occasion of its 150th anniversary! The stories that resonate through time and the different generations that have shaped our community. Immerse yourself in the stories of five generations of residents, born, raised and still living in St-Albert, and be swept away by their unique vision of what our beloved village means to them.

Our history

On either side of the Nation River, midway between the cities of Ottawa and Cornwall, Ontario, lies the peaceful community of St-Albert. It occupies the south-western part of the municipality of The Nation, in the former Cambridge, in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, at the point where two movements of colonization from the shores of the Outaouais to the north and the St-Lawrence to the south met. Primarily agricultural, it first harvested its crops nearly two centuries ago.

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